Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Poem by Di Lombard

Sleep Torment
In the Voice of a Box Turtle

Clouds curtained night in my Indiana meadow,
where I stopped to sleep beside a wall.

Then knife of eye-fire dropped snaking by me,
its light a blaze so awful

my shield shell seemed to explode.
Death played white tag where I trembled.

Watching, I sighted voice of crack
call its smoke, the sculptured sky in pirouette

by my secret place of air-floating grass.
Its paint, bursting, flavored the taste of my tongue.

Are not, it marked its path north among the stars.
Listening, I lay afraid.

Di Lombard has a drawing published in the Impractical Cats anthology from Medusa's Laugh Press.  She has been working at a cognitive behavior lab since 1979.  Last year she collaborated in an Oregon State University-sponsored residency in the arts located in the Oregon Coast Range.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Poem by Farfel Lombard

Ballet of Fire

Fireworks lighted happiness.
My mind bursts with the patterns
in the slowly darkening sky
driving weather down to cool and soft.

Balls of smoke screamed up
and balanced for a moment before exploding
and showering the air with a canopy of stars.

Farfel Lombard has published his work in Thresholds Literary Journal and has contributed to collaborative works in BluePrintReview and the Impractical Cats anthology from Medusa's Laugh Press.