Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Poems by Juliet Wilson

Evening Rain

A brief heavy downpour
-almost tropical-

dark clouds lift
a pale rainbow

chimney pots
glow with evening

distant thunder
forebodes a later storm

Autumn Evening

Geese gather in the fields
hidden by the evening mist.

Spider webs drape hedgerows
where robins sing.

Stone becomes gold
in magical light.

Deer rest, alert
under a yellow frost-moon.

The hedgehog's prickled ball

Juliet Wilson is an Edinburgh based writer, adult education tutor and conservation volunteer. Her second poetry chapbook Unthinkable Skies was published in 2010. She blogs at Crafty Green Poet ( and edits the poetry journal Bolts of Silk (


  1. I was delighted to read these two poems by Juliet Wilson. They provide marvelous visuals all the way through. I love how she involves the other senses, too. I can smell it in the air when the downpour ends; I hear the thunder in the distance; I even feel the prickles of the hedgehog. Wonderful!