Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Poems by Kevin M. Hibshman


My hand stirs the water, opalescent and thinning like a fog may thin.
The morning.
Milky eyes prepare for the shock of bright.
Cutting clear,
Tiny diamonds sparkling their worth.
They settle to a shimmer as a thrill grips me.
My reflection!
I gloat alone.
I am transparent to be carried off by the next wave.
Lulled to sleep by a stray siren's song.
Lucid only in a swift flash of memory I hope will haunt you.

Cat Goddess
Obsidian and moonstones under her pillows.
She gazes long into the clear quartz and feels the pulse beat of the earth.
She knows when you sleep and reads your dreams.
Her mind fills with pictures.

Stealthy, on silent paws, she rides the air.
Her fur stands on end as she connects with every breath alive in the night.
Emerald eyes bright and fixed on her target, her prize.
She moves to the pulse beat and danger dances wild in a world of night sounds.

She arches her back.
She winces at firelight.
Warms her fur and purrs.
The hum of the universe in motion.

Later, she dabs scent behind each ear,
Slinks into pearls.
Instinctively leaps to hide under the bed at the first peal of thunder.
Preening before a hall of mirrors.
Divining aspects of a personal mythology.
She is sleek and sure with a fierceness reserved for any true adversary.

She leaps from your lap to lie in a pool of golden sunlight.
Her athletic grace unmatched.
Her sense of poise never compromised.
Her balance an art form.

She licks her lips and luxuriates.
A lounging seductress.

Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems published in numerous magazines and journals over the past decade and a half. In addition, He edits his own poetry newsletter: FEARLESS and has authored thirteen chapbooks of poetry. 
The latest, INCESSANT SHINING is currently available from Propaganda Press.  Kevin received a BA in Liberal Arts from Union Institute And University in 2010.

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