Monday, September 2, 2013

Two Poems by Normon J. Olson

a view of Nova Scotia from Prince Edward Island
I saw Nova Scotia
prostrate on the sea,
like a fallen angel with her
head pillowed on the blue tinted horizon…
sunlight danced across the
ripples and painted deep blue
with flecks of gray and silver
the fish have gone, turned by
greed and
the bellies of gourmands into
shit… the shit is also gone…  fishing
boats rot in the bushes
or sit in hopeful desolation with
a fly specked sign that reads
“for sale / best offer”
flying from LAX to DTW
flying first class on an employee
sipping a cold drink as the
flaming GE vortex and vast
Boeing wings bring our
aluminum tube up, over
the white line of El Segundo
surf, through the overcast
into sunlight, like the bang of a ladle
on a two quart saucepan…
over a wrinkle of mountains
soon circles of irrigation fields fill the
flat country
then the green of Minnesota… 
Lake Michigan looks like a flat zinc plate
the face in the window mocks a fat
old gap toothed man
who does not really belong in
first class,
or anywhere
else for that matter…
Detroit is another story…
Normon J. Olson is a 65 year old poet and artist and since publishing his first poem in 1984, has published hundreds of poems and drawings in literary print and ejournals all over the world...  a current publication is the cover drawing on Poetry Repairs at

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