Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Three Poems by William G. Daview, Jr.

Some leaves fall
so dreamily,
they beg for witness
as if, look,
a diversion,
something magical
if only for a moment,
the time it takes
to land on the ground
and be damned
with the others.
After October
The trees are naked infantrymen
stripped of dignity
horded in a gulag,
no medical care
for the squirrels nests
that have metastasized 
into tumors.
The leaves spiral
like so many Noah's Arks,
unseaworthy brown tartans
sinking themselves into
a vast, green sea.
William G. Davies Jr. recently had his poem published in The Cortland Review and poems accepted by The Wilderness House Review and Blue Lyra Review.  He shares life with his wife, Theresa, and as much poetry as he can read especially John Updike and Donald Hall. 

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