Saturday, December 14, 2013

Three Poems by Leilanie Stewart

There is a lone                                 stack
standing out at sea,                         a sad
promontory that’s                             jutting
beyond the riptides.                         I often
watch it and wonder                         why
there’s only one,                              because,
surely if it was formed                     by erosion
there’d be more along                     the coast
This is a desolate beach                 to walk along
and when I go there by                   myself, I try to
imagine that under the       surface of the water
the cliff and the stack are touching, holding
onto one another through the swells, and
though the peaks and troughs will do their
damage, what is under the surface will
never be erased, and never be separated
Snowball Effect
I’d like to introduce you to
Miss Lauren Tide
She came all the way
From Greenland
And is planning to stay
for a while,
an epoch perhaps.
She’ll be bringing along with her
Miss Tundra, Miss Glacier
and Mister Permafrost
She was forced to emigrate
from her home, up North,
by convection currents-
hot air brought on by CO2
She’ll cool the seas before her,
Push the Gulf Stream further south
It’s a waiting game now
for the snowball to come
She’ll wipe out the arrogance
of humankind, with one swipe
from her terminal moraine
Clam Diggers
It’s funny
how when I was little
I used to wear clam diggers
to pick cockles
Some people called them
pedal pushers,
but I never wore them
on a bike
It’s sad now
that the beach in which
I wore pedal pushers
to pick cockles
has been closed to the public,
for commercial use,
by proper diggers,
not clam diggers,
for cockle digging
Leilanie Stewart is one half of a writing couple - the other half is Joseph Robert. By day she runs creative writing groups for teenagers and by night she writes and promotes her work at spoken word events in London. Her poetry has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK and US. More about Leilanie's writing can be found at

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