Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Poem by James Diaz

A Note for the First of January

First thing
holding it's own light
where the water would pool
the Geo-sphere itself
choked on expansion
a crevice where stray chords
coral surmounted
it's most obvious companion

I became weak in the knees
knowing that I lacked
a certain degree of faith
to witness
without touching
surfaces that should be protected
often the world stretches
towards a companionship that could never be

To adore doubt
in others is to have missed it
inside ourselves
the cure-all is a salve for wind stuff
closure of and pulling toward
offshore where the uninspired begin their rise.

James Diaz lives in New York.  His poems have been published in Ditch, Collective Exile, Orion Headless, The Kitchen Poet, and most recently in Red Fez.

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