Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Poems by Susan Dale

A Page of Spring

A morning song climbs the skies
Ah, the loving kindness
          of April


Cherry blossom in bloom
Melting the fortress
          of winter


Ribs of rainbows
     arching to
A ceremony of sun and skies

Winter's fat form
Steel white, to silver
slivers of ice
To rumble with thunder
To melt into puddles
To a rain of promises
To mushrooms under oaks
To forsythia's arms spread wide
To leaves on the trees
To April shouting
a golden splash of daffodils

January Morning

Melancholy season
devoured in a single breath
by a chenille veil
Thrown across
a January morning

Susan Dale's poems and fiction are on Kind of  a Hurricane Press, Ken*Again, Penman Review, Inner Art Journal, Feathered Flounder, Garbanzo, and Linden Avenue.  In 2007, she won the grand prize for poetry from Oneswan.  She has two published chapbooks on the internet:  Spaces Among Spaces by languageandculture.org and Bending the Spaces of Time by Barometric Pressures Author's Series.

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