Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Two Poems by Eleni Cay


It was an early afternoon and God, weary of all-day sketching,
looked down at his black-and-white drawing.  He picked up
a prism to decide on its color.  The prism reflected metallic
green grass, pure white clouds, the indigo sheen of night sky.
God decided he will pour them all into one bird.


In the morning, your song lightens the dark corners of human minds,
rubs their ashes into your feathers, scatters them against the
oppressive lightness of dreams.

In early evening, you sharpen your quill pen, draw small hearts on the
sky's salmon canvas.  In the night, you rip the flesh of the stars,
let their sweetness color your mouth.

Stronger, you fly beyond the dark waters where Kraken lurks,
to the lost cities of Atlantis where love no longer hurts.

Eleni Cay's first collection, A Butterfly's Tremblings in the Digital Age (which is written in Slovakian), was published in 2013, after she won a national poetry competition in her native country Slovakia.  Eleni's English language poems were published in two pamphlets:  Colours of the Swan and Autumn Dedications, and featured in MK Calling 2013 & 2015, anthologies (e.g., Mother's Milk); poetry magazines (e.g., Allegro) and as the "best poetry videos on the web" (Moving Poems). Eleni is currently studying the MA Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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