Friday, June 8, 2018

A Poem from Bernadette Perez

Running Free . . . I Am Weed

Rain feeds hungry plants
contender survives the storm
grows with a vengeance

spread throughout waste land
migrating from across regions
multiplying fast

carelessly blowing
appearing without a cause
why did they spring

In competition
cultivating plants fight for space
wild rooted left stranded

tumbling about
performing handsprings in fall
somersaults in meadows

In late summer broken
brittle and dry
dispersing seeds

no longer desired
I was weeding flower beds
weeping their return

Bernadette Perez is a poet possessing expression and creativity.  In 1990, Bernadette received the Silver Poet Award from World of Poetry.  Her work has appeared in The Wishing Well; Musings in 2010, Small Canyons Anthology in 2013, Poems 4 Peace in 2014, Fix and Free Anthology in 2015.  She is the President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society.

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