Sunday, October 2, 2022

Three Poems by Paul Tristram

Transitional Fledglings

. . . and somewhere, just a little further,
down this strange pathway of life.
When the day is so full of self-esteem
that the top button keeps popping open,
and it's hard to speak for smiling
I'll remind you of back when we met,
a couple of nest-leaving fledglings
all fresh with hope and adventure-ready . . . 

Aerial Combat (Using The Page As Platform, Medium, Stage)

Bloodied underbelly-feathers,
I talon-scratch
an upside-down arc, perfectly.
SPIN, momentarily
(Nailed to the exact same Spot),
like a heart attack,
a bulleted-target . . .
then, I wing-cut,
at an impossible angle,
all rapid momentum
and focused-motion.
My Reaper-eyes
are The Old Testament.
There should be Screeches
and Ripping audio-tears
trailing in my wake . . .
but, I'm shifting muscle
and sinew gears so fast,
whilst mentally-balancing
acceleration and murder . . .
that there's no time for anything
other than approaching IMPACT!

Barbaric Sympathy & North Node Unfolding

Un-connecting from the Countryside
around you . . . 
as your Footsteps regain Steadiness
. . . and your Mind
holograms Back
to partial Grounded-ness . . . for now.
It is time to stop [absently] talking
to the Watchers of your Walk
. . . as you Emerge once more,
to mingle [Lost] amongst
the [Heavy Drudge of] Regular Fold.
So, 'Madness' is a Portal
if Persevered through the Sickness
. . . and a 'Scald' or 'Burn'
upon Memory differs to actual Flesh
. . . as 'Adversity' gives 'Strength' . . . 
'Insanity" brings 'Self-Honesty',
"Clarity' and 'Shamanic-Detachment'
. . . Crucial in Soul-Development
past 'Normal Boundary Restrictions'.
'Mediumship' and 'Clairvoyancy'
are simply 2 more 'Feathers' . . . 
in the 'Cap' that you have Earned.
Your [Freshly] 'Blossomed Brain'
will never fit back inside that 'Box'
. . . which your Inner Travelling
took it [Rupturing] out of . . .
you have become an entire Universe
roaming around [inside] a New World.

Paul Tristram is a widely published, Welsh writer, who's currently up to his elbows in Magic, and long mat it remain this way.

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