Monday, July 23, 2012

A Poem by R.C. Davis

into the
grapevine and disappear,
If I don’t move they won’t find me,
for days, I am the green man in a town
where even gunslingers don’t survive for
long, so depart with short notice; no remorse,
passing wall after wall of moss covered limestone
on their way out to the highway, a deeply, rutted mud
filled byway sunken into the forest where one can pass without being seen
until you reach the bridgeless stream, there you will wet your feet, or your wheels,
the little fish won’t mind as you pass, unless you get stuck, then you will be in
their way, impeding their motion and then they will set upon you and do little fish damage
in only the way little fish can, so it is better to go unnoticed in this little town, so I fall into the english ivy
and disappear,I won’t be found for weeks,green on green, the green man until the brown of autumn days
you may find my tracks leading out to the path that passes for a road in this county, horseshoes
and wagon wheels littering the ditches where virginia creeper and poison oak seek them out,
skeletal remains of turnip karts and wooden wheel barrows would go unnoticed,
were it not for the tale-tale bones projecting up through
the layers of vegetation, pungent and attractive to those
who may not be from this town, drawing them in,
only to be a
sad reminder
on their way
out, because
only I can be
here without
being noticed

R.C. Davis is a Poet,Writer/Author presently residing in Iowa City ,Iowa with his Jack Russell terrier, Daisy.
He has been writing poetry and prose since his twelfth year of life and has been published in the Wapsi Almanac,
Amber Waves of Grain, an anthology of short stories and by Strange Cage Press of Iowa City.

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