Monday, July 2, 2012

Three poems by John Stocks

Cormorants and Guillemots

Come with me to the Cornish waters
Where the waves lap a coarse kiss on the shore
And we can learn to love the silence
To give love and know the love of others.

For we are nothing, a scattering of dust
A fleeting spark of electricity
And yet we feel the pull of the moon
Some sense of mystery, communion of souls
The subtle tugging of a distant star.

When sometimes our imagination leaps
To empathy, then we are unique
Embracing some other consciousness
An elemental wildness deep within.

To some other alien heart betrothed
Sensing the salt water on their beaks
Their disingenuous curves of flight
The nuances of their transitory lives.

Then we are Cormorants and Guillemots
We are the brooding deep water whale
The swift to whom, the west wind whistles home
We are love, life indestructible
Their grief is our grief, our souls are cleaved
As to the dreams of our sons; our daughters.

Bretton Hall

One of the perfect days
The breeze, suddenly switched from North to South
Little more than a gentle kiss.

On the lake the herons are busy
Sparks of silver light shimmer and explode
In a mercurial sun dance
Unseen it would still be sublime.
A pair of goldfinch
Jettisoning colour
Flutter by the shore.

Later we watch a sculptor
Moulding bone white clay
His hands sensuous and slow
Then swift as a conjuror.

And there is nothing between us
Between our breathing
And the silence


Somewhere beyond the Gulls and Gannets
heavenly perspective, Orion calls.
Deep in a dream of ocean

Far out to sea, Dolphins loiter
effortlessly waiting for the flow
of warmer waters.

Absorbing the sensuous rhythms of the ocean
in a reasoned eloquence of patience
somewhere above our restless search for purpose.

John is a widely published and anthologised writer from the UK. Recent credits include an appearance in , ‘Soul Feathers’ a poetry anthology, alongside Maya Angelou, the English poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, Bob Dylan , Len Cohen, Rimbaud and Verlaine. This anthology was the second best selling poetry anthology in the UK in January, is raising money for cancer care, and can be ordered online from Waterstones UK. He also features in ‘This island City’, the first ever poetry anthology of poetry about Portsmouth, also available from Waterstones. In 2012 John will be launching a collaborative novel, ‘Beer, Balls and the Belgian Mafia’, inspired by three of his primary interests.

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