Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Poem by Janet Rice Carnahan

Dwelling space,
Echo into the night,
For fullness to come,
Silent if needed,
Stir the stars,
Into action,
To overflow,
Once heard,
Through cloudy mist,
Doubting the downpour,
May chase,
Pounding potential,
Deep underground,
Afraid to sound,
The call again,
Despite all,
See if rain,
Drizzles, drips,
Wind whips the sea,
Snow melts fast enough,
Perhaps just the dew,
Of a million flowers,
Will, at least, cover,
The empty depth,
Never to drain out,
Needlessly . . .
Janet Rice Carnahan lives in Laguna Beach, California, among artists, photographers and writers and all who enjoy the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Born on the northern California coast, she’s inspired by the sea, a joy shared with her husband, adult children, family and friends. Janet’s published work includes a cover photo, caption and poems in an anthology, “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, December 2011. More recently, her poems were published in, “Pyrokinection”, “Jellyfish Whispers”, “The Camel Saloon”, “The Mind[less] Muse” and “Three Line Poetry”.


  1. The "dew of a million flowers" will not cover ... a unique and powerful image. Kudos to you :)

  2. Beautiful, Janet! Like so much these words--"Perhaps just the dew,
    Of a million flowers". It must be amazing to live near such an ever-changing backdrop!

  3. Such a lovely piece, Janet. I enjoyed reading it very much!

  4. Thank you, Pearl, Patricia and Misky for your kind words! Appreciate you all stopping by! Yes,I think "the dew of a million flowers" and the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean could bring peace through beauty alone! Such is the heart of a poet, as you all know! :)

  5. another sterling offering Janet ... you have really been producing some fine work lately; it's wonderful that it's being appreciated publicly - well done and congrats!

  6. Janet, absolutely gorgeous! I love the dew from a million flowers/ stir the stars into action :-) A wonderful poem.