Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Poem by Michael Cluff

Symbiosis          April  22, 2013

The world is fluid
all parts melt, meld and blend
without restraint
one into the other and then another.

Man should take the hint
refine the example
nature has always set
for our rebellious kind.

Imposing human egoism
and power-mongering ambitions
is a construct of the hubristic mind
not the ebb and flow
that allows all species
to exist within their own needs.

Survival is not plausible for one
if it goes about willing, gleefully
glorying in the extinction of one
after the other
and another.

Green is a lucky leafy color
in symbology
not brown or grey
dirt or dryness clinging
to these shades.

A willow weeps
when the land is abused
shamrocks and geraniums
drop into nothingness
when pesticides overwhelm
their lovely leaves
streams turn brown
from a hoe's raping of the ground
and gulleys carry nutrients
away to the brackish bays and seas.

The Sea of Aral
is decaying, dying
'cause of mankind's need to
reduce the whole world
to fit into his self-centered needs.

listen to the hushed yet rising song
in the Norco winds
imploring the ear:

"all life is only kept all
when people work to keep any one form alive
at no one's  benefits
but at all's."

And San Onofre
is just south of Corona
awaiting an earthquake or tsuamni
all its own.

Mike Cluff is a writer living in the inland section of Southern California. He is now finishing two books of poetry: "The Initial Napoleon" and "Bulleted Meat"-- both of which are scheduled for publication in late 2013/early 2014. He believes that individuality is the touchstone of his life and pursues that ideal with passion and dedication to help the world improve with each passing instance .He also hopes to take up abstract painting in the next several months.

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