Friday, August 2, 2013

A Poem by Heidi Morrell


Ever changing light angles down
onto volcanic ridges and jutting peaks
cloaked in myriad greens,
seamed with the white froth
of elongated thin waterfalls,
like the piping on a velvet robe.

Mottled laden clouds burst forth,
torrents pound the porous ground,
while burgeoning magenta and yellow green plants
palm and plumeria,
are once again showered,
green vines snake up huge monkey pod trees,
all joyous in the washing.

Wild cockerels accompanied by their hens,
strut and arch,
adorned with vivid emerald and copper tail feathers,
they scratch and peck abundant insect life,
after rudely breaking the delicate dawn.
Flowers and fruit fragrance the silken air,
soft, rounded, whispering into one’s face.

The gentle Hanalei bay,
breathing with eternal tides,
conceal a silent kingdom below;
by day, blue green skin,
but at sunset,
the red gold water reflects the treasure
of its sky.

Heidi Morrell's poetry has been published in:  Big River Review, Unaureon -2 poems (broad sheet), Cat Fancy magazine ‘90’s, Emerge Literary Journal 10/12, St. James Newsletter 2010.  Heidi also writes a bi-weekly column for - L.A. disability.  Go to:

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