Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Poems by Les Merton

There are echoes
in the countryside
between branches among leaves
and within the petals of flowers.
Perhaps it's the whispers of ancient ones
with secrets of above and below ground.
Perhaps it's music from days long past
floating around nature’s colours.
In the countryside;
            there are echoes
that belong in this sanctuary of peace.
They have been caught by time
and given back to us.

Life in the Shell
Hungry Barn Owl chicks wait in the wings
of the shell of a theatre, never rebuilt
after a cluster of fire bombs played havoc
on the stage, the flames danced
through the stalls and balcony,
as the final curtain fell in the theatre
the biggest audience of its life
watched the act of mindless destruction.
Barn Owl parents in sophistic flight return
alula and legs extended, braking to land
under the roof that laughter tried to raise.
Prey hanging from curved beaks
ready to feed white heart-faced chicks
that look as ghostly as Hamlet's father
spotlighted by the rays from the moon.
Les Merton is Cornish and proud of it. He earned his living in a variety of ways:  grocery shop manager, coalman, bus conductor, factory worker, canvasser, film extra, fortune teller, entertainment agent, and after failing as a comedian, the other jobs are best forgotten.
He’s dabbled at writing on and off from the age of 16, however it was in 1996 he decided to give it a go properly. In 2002, he founded Poetry Cornwall/ Bardhonyeth Kernow and as been its editor ever since. In 2004, his endeavours were recognised when he was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow for services to Cornish Literature. His Bardic name is Map Hallow (Son of the Moors).
Les has also appear on: ITV’s That Sunday Night Show, BBC TV Spotlight News, and the following Radio Stations: BBC Radio Bristol, Duchy Hospital Radio, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio 4, Pirate FM, BBC Radio Five Live, ABC Radio Canberra Australia. He enjoys performing  and has given readings all over the UK and in Ndola Zambia.

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