Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Poems by William G. Davies

Dix Hill Farm
The sky heals itself
as though it were a wound
inflicted by relentless lightening
whose varicose veins
collapse into a rouge
of sienna and cream
as sheep bleat
and rouse the cradle cap
from their fleece. 

The lightening bugs blink
as if the night had
a hundred yellow eyes
or nervous tics
watching the moon
like a voodoo doll
stabbed by pine needles.

Overlooking The Rockville Bridge
The sky looks as if
a bottle of Irish whiskey
were spilled over it
or a flange loosened
on a bilge pump
as a pod of dolphins
arc away from
the darkening spume.
William G. Davies has published in Diluted Ink, The Artistic Muse, Absinthe and many others.  He is 2013 Poet Laureate for Perry County, Pennsylvania.

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