Friday, July 19, 2013

A Poem by Susan Dale


Moccasin feet on jagged mountains
The mountains like giant lizards
changing colors with a sun’s whims.
Navajo sons lasso clouds of pipe smoke
drifting across vast deserts
of scrub brush and cacti.
and the sands moistened with the tears
of broken promises

The coyotes’ yowl; black bears growl

And mission bells peel
over sands of bobcats and tarantulas.

The clop-clop of a patient burro
plodding by mines of silver and copper
when night falls fast and cold
under wide sombrero skies. 

Susan Dale’s poems and fiction are on Eastown Fiction, Ken *Again, Penwood Review,  Yesteryear Fiction, Feathered Flounder, Hurricane Press, and Writing Disorder. In 2007, she won the grand prize for poetry from Oneswan. 


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