Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Poem by Matthew Wylie

The Isle of Ulnegra

From this then
I call upon the flower peddler
            And the old man
Held by ambries,
Who stations himself
Between the sun and the sand
          So as to call upon the salt water
That it is ripe enough
          For your words.
Drawing on allusions of whole horses
Sperm whales,
And the trac-ed foot prints
of the monomaniacal Ocean,
      I wake up only once,

To behold the winter
Toeing the sand.
Matthew Wylie currently lives in Canada and teaches European Literature at a small private school in North York, Ontario.  Matthew’s works have been published in various scholarly / poetry journals, such as The Toronto Slavic Quarterly, Cinetext: Film and Philosophy, Temenos: Journal of Creative Writing, Ygdrasil: Journal of the Poetic Arts, International Zeitschrift, The Externalist:  A Journal of Perspectives,  and others.  He enjoys studying butterflies, entertaining the tigers that pace throughout the corridors of his home, photography, siestas, and sharks.   

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