Monday, July 8, 2013

A Poem by Miguel Jacq


      onset of winter
I bent  the back
  of an  older man
to take a photo  of

            a  cobweb
wearing frost like
dangerous jewels
on        the path.

            but the light
was all    wrong
on      the forest floor
where beasts like this

blot out the  sun.
and my knees
at cold concrete

Miguel Jacq is a French-Australian poet/photographer/fiend. He lives with his wife in Melbourne, Australia, where he runs (some say ruins) an I.T business.  His work has appeared in various online literary journals such as Deep Water Journal, as well as in several printed anthologies by The Blue Hour Press and Dagda Publishing.  His first poetry collection, titled ‘Black Coat City’, was released in print and e-book in February 2013 (presumably the critical acclaim is drunk in a bar somewhere). It explored themes of anxiety and identity in individuals within society.  In addition to a growing collection of sporadic e-chaps, he is currently working on his next collection of poetry and photography, entitled 'Magnetics', slated for release in late 2013.  He regularly writes poems and publishes photography at

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