Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Poem by Joan Leotta

Summer Storm at the Grand Canyon
Black clouds hang low over the canyon
a sudden, swift snap of light
claws across the sky,
ripping into the rim’s stone flesh.
The helpless fury of the wounded stones
roars throughout the canyon.

Relentless, the
fiery cat-o-nine tails
strikes again
at the stones.
Reddened rocks answer each stripe
with rolling roars.
The whip now cracks
angrily around the canyon rim
etching agony onto
the entire semi-circle of rocks
When I can no longer bear to watch
such naked pain and anger,
I retreat, running down the trail.
The rocks cannot run.
Their pain continues.

Joan Leotta is the author of the Legacy of Honor Series: Giulia Goes to War, Letters From Korea, and A Bowl of Rice from Desert Breeze Publishing, Cottonwood Grove published by Western Trail Blaze (April 1, 2014), and Tales Through Time: Women of the South: April Publishing.  Blog:

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