Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Poem by Jude Neale

Unbutton the Night
I breathe in the peppermint moon.
It floods through the valley
and settles over the trees.
onto the frozen ground.
Shadows collect
like sticky pollen
in the icy  footpath.
Quickly, quickly,
you come to me .
Your hand, a white dove
suspended by moonlight,
reaches out to touch
my chilled skin.
We lie in silvered meadow,
on a  porcelain bed,
unbuttoning  the night
with our yearning.
Jude Neale was shortlisted for the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize (Ireland), The  International Poetic Republic Poetry Prize (U.K),The Mary Chalmers Smith Poetry Prize  (UK), The Wenlock International Poetry Prize(UK), the RCLA short story and poem competition and she was nominated for the Canadian ReLit Award and the Pat Lowther Award for her book ‘Only the Fallen Can See’.

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