Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Poem by Kit Zak


you beckoned to me beyond the first set of waves
raven hair trailing your back
I felt my heart crash open in the roiling deep

surprised by the liquid alarm in your grey eyes
I could see the sea
its bottomless possibilities

she and sad, like the goddess Atargatis,
you disappeared into the billowing brine
I followed you wave after wave until the twilight held you

Kit Zak and her husband retired to Rehoboth Beach, DE after a lifetime of teaching and raising a family.  She is pulled between writing poetry and working on environmental issues; consequently, many of her poems deal with mankind's destruction of the environment.  She has been selected three times to work with the poet laureate of her state, and has poems published or forthcoming in an NPR Anthology, California Quarterly, The Broadkill Review, Newviewnews, The Blue Collar Review, A Time of Singing, and Avocet Quarterly.

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