Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

December Chill

Benign butterflies
hide under tulip flowers
and wind is in gentle ruffle.

Morning galore beckons
eastward widening shore
beetle in mazy weedy push
engrossed in dilemma
dragging their lanky legs
like the cart's wheel.

Eagles on the elm branches
lost in frenzied whims
striking beak
waiting a swirl of dove.
Bygone days ensue
rainy droplets in move
bluish carnival is spreading.

Pervading snowfall
and the seals are in meandering falter
across lunatic path.
This bodes the December chill
and the cool wind is restless.

I Sing

When afternoon drizzle
fully drenched
sensing rainy spasm
underneath of cloudy siren
and windy baffled
hawks swiftly soar
resounding over rainy snuffle
children in the fence
teasing squirrel
love in the rainy voice
in the shattering of light
muffles in the thunder
anointing heart.

Mooney light impetus and immaculate
encroaching upon the grassy thick
lulling the pervasive grasshopper
into benign amazement
dragging febrile hind leg.

When in the nightly clamor
dewy drops trickle
like the mother's nipple
for the poised red mouth
of the newly born baby,
for any numb heart
trickling passion
in the longing rhythm
wooing of clasp and firm
in sigh of joy
in the language of unspoken myth

I would desperately sing.

Budding Flowers

Blue and red moths
Are in headlong suck.
Shriveling petals and sepals
Numb and trenched like a modest girl
As if waiting across aisle.

Budding twigs
Fall in the dimpling wan
And the sunny galore
Is there yet to usher.

Resented robins ans sparrows dart
In their angry glare
And are ready to peck
Before the blitzing wind
Finds its pass.

Flowers in their sprightly glee
Wave with coy glance
In lurid assurance.

Astonished sparrows
And vicarious doves
Fly way,
Leaving budding flowers
In their waltz
Teasing the dumbfound sky

Chased by whimsical clouds.

Bam Dev Sharma, resident of Dang Hekuli Village Development Committee, Nepal, started writing poetry in the year 1996.  He has published a collection of poetry jointly with American poetess Martine Reis Newberry, entitled Bunyan and the Alder in 2007.  Besides, his poems have been published in several national and international poetry journals across the glove.  By profession, Mr. Sharma is teaching at Campus of International Languages and currently is Head of English Department.

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