Friday, November 28, 2014

A Poem by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

My Spirit

To keep it safe for awhile,
I hide my spirit
in the crook of a sycamore tree
like my ancestors did.

Because, now that I'm 
fourteen, my spirit
is growing too wild and unwieldy
for me to carry around
in my back-pack anymore.

Sandra Rokoff-Lizut, retired educator and children's book author (published by Macmillan, Holt, Reinhary & Winston, and Hallmark Inc.), is currently both a printmaker and a poet.  She is a member of Oregon Poetry Association, Mary's Peak Poets, Poetic License, Gertrude's, and a weekly writing salon.  Rokoff-Lizut volunteers, by teaching poetry to middle-schoolers, at the Boys and Girls Club in Corvallis, Oregon.  She also studies poetry at Oregon State University.  Previous publications include Illya's Honey, The Bicycle Review, Wilderness House Review, The Tower Journal, The Penwood Review, and Wild Goose Poetry Review.

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