Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Poems by Martins Iyoboyi

Through Brambles

Through brambles rears the
Flowered eye, blushing in
Sun's coaxing shimmers.  Pollen
Suitors ride in winds to woo,
Clasp in soft embraces.  And
Now narrow path had been the
Route of passage, frustrating hopes,
When by ripening lights, the
Ruddy bud greets the dawn.


Raindrops beat upon the rooftops
Of the mind, pebbles smear toilsome
Strains in alleys where fear roamed wild.
God is hard to come by here, for
In shrill dizziness, cowhide drums
Beat retreating steps to heavens' gates.
The universal mind consumes midnight summons
Of judgment, sensuous peaks cleanse
Burdened debts cascading to matter.

Half-dead hearts, led to servitude
Accuse peace-halls of impotent eyes.
The gross will stands amidst fueling strife,
With lengthened cobwebs gathering vim
Caked upon the world's conscience.

Poet, dramatist and author, Martins Iyoboyi was born in Nigeria.  His published poems have been published by Zone, Bending Spoons, Flask Review, 63 Channels, International Zeitschift, Contemporary Rhyme, Munyori Poetry Journal, Rhythm, Tenemos, MotherVerse, Poetry Cemetery, Boyne Writers Group, Chiron Review, The New Verse News, Collective Fallout, and Hat.

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