Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two Poems by Barbara Gurney


I sink beneath the waves
Disregard thoughts of survival

Air-filled bubbles ooze from me
Each reaching for the blue of the sky
Where clouds drift
Like me

The caress of the sea
Scolds me with cold
Embraces, then threatens
Touches my thoughts of oblivion

Inevitability seeps into each pore
Gently accepting without question
This watery grave
Tosses aside consequences
It lets me be

I claim this moments
To stay beyond reality
Possess solitude
A moment of liberty

The sun shivers across the surface
Peeks through the azure
Smiles without assurances
Promises a tomorrow

I surface and gasp at life


Cruel winds fling everything from its path
Shattered houses sprinkled across the landscape
   like condiments
Possessions sink into mud

Grief not yet claimed
Shock still hovering
   waiting to land

A huddle of children cling under a sheet of tin
A flapping tent
    a luxury

And when the typhoon stops . . .
    heartbreak stays

         Malaysian typhoon - November 2013

Barbara Gurney is based in a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia.  She writes across several genres including fiction for adults and children, and free verse poetry.  Although an optimistic person, Barbara's poetry often explores the mournful side of life.  Her unpredictable thought processes are an advantage when creating short stories.  Barbara's novel Road to Hanging Rock was released in November 2013.

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