Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two Poems by Syd Peck

Saturn -- God's Favorite
This  floating sovereign rules her black see *
Like an Inquisition bishop  -  perfect : accepting   
No argument,  no competition,
Watching me watching her in adoration,
Her cold unblinking gaze
Reigning the black and silent sky.
Saturn, Goddess of bountiful harvests, of you alone
Unreachable, O favorite of the Lord, in brilliant isolation,
Of ice-cold  beauty pristine,
Is it said * that God doesn’t play dice,
But His spinning gyroscope globe  -
God’s spinning top  -  His best of toys.
O bisque queen, gem with halo rings,
Like a dove with wings wide-spread,
Hover like the Holy Spirit, float on the inky blackness,
Send me a message to fill my void.
Long in the ether your far-light lingers
Before it is allowed to reach my eye;
O Majesty remote cold and glorious,
Send me the vision of heavenly beauty bountiful.
*   A   "see"  is the territory ruled by a bishop
*   The saying  “God does not play dice”  is accredited to Albert Einstein,
when explaining the workings of the universe

Thaw at Crowsnest Pass 
Huge mountains massed and  cliffs  sheer.  It’s  March
And endless  blue  sky  cold is held back by the Chinook,
Snowy prairies rolling into their  thousand-mile empire  - 
The landscape  is gigantic, majestic, orchestrated to overwhelm.
But I stand and watch the lake-ice thaw,
Surprised by the tiny delicate music  -
Descant  ice -  jingling,  jangling,  tinkling
In delicate accompaniment  to the giant symphony.                                      
Ice chunks tangled in slow waves with the wind
Tiny  tintinnabulation before total ablation.
There is silence  and  harmony  around the sound,
The small melody of the ice breaking  into spring’s  chorus
 Crowsnest Pass is the southernmost way through the Rocky Mountains in Canada
Syd Peck is a schoolteacher at high  school level for twenty years...in Ireland, UK, Canada, Russia. Keen musician.

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