Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three Poems by Phil Wood

A Gull Lost in Rain

membrane     slashed     shell cracks
     hunger     untethered     again
nest clinging     in cleft     of white cliff

          a fledgling     pulsing     ghosted
with flight     blood threading     to wing
          in feathered strain     slap and smack

of waves     claw of wind     glides
     beyond spray     weathered     herring sky
above     screech and beak     circling

weary     beckoning     sullen rock
     spiralling closer     that final     nest
ever closer     that kiss     of rest

The Fisherman's Wife

Soaping her hand gave pause for thought.
Agreed, it was obvious.  Gilt-heads
grinning, demise brimming bright-eyed
belief crisping beneath the grill.

They almost anesthetized her.
Almost.  But seeping under the scent
of saffron rice, beyond these fish
dreaming of Mediterranean blue

her hand gave pause and so she found
a bruising bit on her banded finger.
The Persian cat flicked its tail,
the bowl of bream began to swim.


across the blue blush of waves
a school of dolphins mouth
polystyrene cups

a sense of

Phil Wood works in a statistics office.  Enjoys working with numbers and words.  Recently published poems can be found in London Grip, The Stare's Nest, The Lampeter Literary Review, and The Open Mouse.

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