Thursday, May 28, 2015

Three Poems by William G. Davies, Jr.

The Pursuit of Happiness

They file intrepidly
into the bus.
These gentle souls
with one foot
in a trenchant world
and one in another.
Nurtured by
celestial caregivers
who orbit their love
around scintillating universes,
kindred to the most eclectic foibles
as they encompass each other;
truth and beauty.

A Winter Mirage

The hill is
a white tsunami
about to bear down
on a crow, braced,
like the student
in Tianenmen Square.


The pine tree
died over winter,
Like Stalin under glass,
its decay ambient
skipping petrifaction
for those silvery nights
when sap glazes crimson
and stars nest in its boughs.

William G. Davies, Jr. is the current Poet Laureate for Perry County, Pennsylvania.

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