Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Poem by Bam Dev Sharma

Coy Rays

Coy rays
clasp morning dew
when chilly breeze cajoles
with wind
in shake
and birds poke the sky

drop tick . . . tick
and grasshoppers
start to nibble
when pervasive grass
gleams in amber!

the moon
is speckled in myriad of clouds
emerald in yellowish gaze
and every house
on the hill
spews fuming smoke.
joy sprawls on the land
and the hearts are numb

soon birds begin to hum
as the sapphire sky watches
the earth resound with songs
heralding new dawn
The New Year
with simmering dreams!

Bam Dev Sharma is a resident of Dang Hekuli Village Development Committee, Nepal.  He started writing poetry in 1996.  He has published a collection of poetry jointly with American poetess Marine Reis Newberry, entitled Bunyan and the Alder (2007).  Besides, his poems have been published in several national and international poetry journals across the glove.  By profession, Mr. Sharma is teaching at Campus of International languages and currently is the Head of the English Department.

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