Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Three Poems by Tom Montag


Not always
what we want.

Not darkness,

Moisture and heat.
Sun streaming

the earth.  The earth
giving what it gives.

Sometimes weeds.
Sometimes not.

Always the push
and shove.  Always

the burning fuse.

A Small Dark Bird

A small dark bird--
does it matter

which?  Yes, it does,
to the other

juncos, and to
this one.  We all

need it--to know
what we've been named,

one last trueness
before the end.


The dark
lake.  The sky

does not know
its place.

Tom Montag is most recently the author of In This Place:  Selected Poems 1982-2013.  In 2015 he has been the featured poet at Atticus Review (April) and Contemporary American Voices (August).  Other recent poems will be found at Apeiron Review, Blue Heron Review, The Chaffin Journal, Eunoia Review, Hamilton Stone Review, The Homestead Review, Little Patuxent Review, Plainsong, South 85, Sand, Third Wednesday, Town Creek Poetry, Wilderness House Literary Review,  and many other journals.  He blogs as The Middlewesterner and serves as Managing Editor of the Lorine Niedecker Monograph Series, What Region?

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