Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Poem by Husain Abdulhay

Kiss of Sea

roving through a niveous track
chaperoned by a caroling cricket
sundering silence of winter-tide glen
beneath mesmerizing moonless welkin
in a gelid protracted crepuscular eventide
beleaguered by skimpy stars
besprinkled packed like sardines
whilst donning my albescent attire
and hovering adrift in a quiescent canoe
I bivouac chez Stella Maris
circumvallated with slushy ground
tinged with tang of vernal zephyr
which can be smelt of farther afield

Husain Abdulhay has poems published in Avocet, Cacti Fur, Fib Review, Foliate Oak, Quail Bell Magazine, and Ygdrasil.  His haiku appears in Failed Haiku and Haiku Universe, likewise.

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