Monday, May 7, 2018

A Poem by Pat St. Pierre

A Turkey Hangout

Large black wings flap
as an enormous bird flies to the ground
and begins to forge on damp grass.
Other birds slowly arrive walking
across the street into a suburban yard.
Suddenly, the huge bird flaps his wings.
They open up like a colorful shawl
around his neck and body.
As he turns in place, I realize that it's a turkey
who has come to visit.
This grand bird is strutting and fanning
around the backyard--puffing for all to see.
Soon a female enters the scene.
She parades across the moist grass
with eight little chicks following her.
Perhaps these babies belong to the
majestic tom turkey as the family
gathers together for an outing.

Pat St. Pierre is a poet and writer of fiction and nonfiction for both adults and children.  Her third poetry book "Full Circle" was published by Kelsay Books.  Her writings have appeared in numerous places, i.e., Outlaw Poetry, Poetry Pacific, Minute Magazine, Whisperings, Three Line Poetry, etc.  She is also a freelance photographer whose photos have graced the covers and been included both in print and online.  Her blog is

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