Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Poem by Louis Marvin

The Great Bamboo Mountain Forest Hermit

“Without warning, the wizard walks by. . .”
                                                    Black Sabbath

The trees are alive like pets, and they wag their tails at the hermit

                                     as he walks by, on the pig trails
                                                       above the “gathering place”

                             and the former swamps of Waikiki

     he looks down upon mankind, rushing to their jobs and schools

               he holds his magic bamboo staff and listens to the winds

              the winds play acoustic music in the bamboo forest
                                                          of his home

he listens to the clicking of the magic brown/black bird
                           that acts as the ears and eyes of him

         he knows what each click and sound means

                   and the same can be said of the bamboo forest

       as it plays it’s wind driven drum solos for no one but him

                 the hermit walks and rests and walks

                         the hermit with the bamboo staff
                                     who lives in the bamboo forest

Born in Burbank, Raised (hell) Phoenix, Living/Loving in Hawaii
On this island with the Chinese girls, wandering the shores and mountains.

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  1. I love the rhythm of the wind in the bamboo, the palms, the pines. You captured it all beautifully!