Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Poems by Danielle Fessenbecker

Great Water
Your presence is like
great water
your wild charms
like waves crashing
burying my whole life.
And I can't tell where
I am but I am

as I wait

like a lost shell
for your arrival
staring toward sea,
scraping salt
off my tongue
beneath a dim-lit moon.
For Wind
The wind may settle
over the sea of our
hearts, but I keep
waiting for the hour
it will carry me
to you again.
The tide remembers
us, and I have faith in the
glimmer of the shore,
the dark secret
your soul carries
on the back of a wave:
that heavy yes, but
this is all it can be.
Danielle Fessenbecker is a recent college graduate from Alvernia University. She has had poetry published in The Puck Review, a handful of stones, decomP magazine, All Things Girl, and Metazen.

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