Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three Poems by Yevgeniy Levitsky

Rotten Fields
Strawberry havoc,
seeds with little
implanted deeds,
volumes of vegetables vanish.
Stolen farmers reap
what they sow, a garden
of pity. Topless trees
of termites. Acres of
Injected needles of
growth in fruits of
bitter nectar. Spoiled by
mother nature,
ruined by mankind,
Sunlight nonexistent
lamps of bio-heat
squashed grapes
by others feet. Beets lay
decaying. Melons harvested
by felons, the government
plans to sell us.
Dry Watermelon Seeds
Fermenting in moisture,
soaking up water
from tangled roots
pebbles incorporated
with dead beetles,
a touch of
leaves with the
dirt of a
Loosening up through
green stems,
tiny ladders climbing
towards purification,
naturalization deems
itself appropriate,
self-destruction is
Sweet soil rains on
hollow footprints,
sulking deeply into
muddy waters,
creases between
the outer
Little ponds are
created daily from
the dew of tropical
leaves as caterpillars
chew holes in leaves
causing sunlight to
scatter in obscure
Sunlight baths the
undernourished children
of the ground,
starving for that
warm sensation
that dims its
bright rays.
Yevgeniy Levitskiy has received a B.A. in English-Education from Brooklyn College, and is currently pursuing a M.A. His writing has been published numerous times in The Junction. His forthcoming publications include The Books They Gave Me (Free Press/Simon & Schuster), Maggot Bible, Eunoia Review, Pyrokinection, and The Smoking Poet. He is currently at work on his second novel.

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