Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Poem by Joe Vastano

Trace the hard
clarity of jagged bronze
peaks against
blue sky; fierce
patterns of volcanic
rock flaking
off in angular slabs and
roiling up the
mountain like a fossilized
fire.  Saguaro and cholla cling
like a green
rash spreading over
its deep-lined skin.  Sand
lifts off in a dark
sheet.  Life
must be diligently
searched for
here and
is usually found one
of  thirst at a time.  Life
has been made
weird here. 
Its head horned, its
skin hard and
scaly, its ears
and eyes gigantic, its
feet fast
Joe Vastano started writing at sixteen. He traced Jim Morrison to Kerouac and Rimbaud, took them at their words and deranged his senses on the road for twenty years. Now he's sorting through it all.