Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Poem by Tamara Simpson

Sonnet 10 “Ode for the Moon”

O moon, that hangs suspended in the night,

So eerily half-shadowed by the clouds

Vague shadows drifting ‘cross your face of light;

Police night-birds making their airy rounds.

White-feathered wings spread wide across your orb;

Keen eyes reflect the pin-point of the stars,

And I am lost within the night’s absorb.

The note that rings - the wild goose-call - jars

The senses, ‘til I crouch down here in awe,

And wonder how all other men don’t kneel

In marvel to the moon I so adore.

Jewel of arresting beauty, lustrous wheel!

As Earth will turn, in form so too will thee;

Your pull commands the tides of man and sea.
Tamara Simpson is a student at the University of Western Australia studying music and science. She spends most of her time reading and writing poetry and fiction when she should be studying. She has had previous work published in Everyday Poets Magazine, the Open Minds Magazine, the Road Not Taken Journal of Formal Poetry and Umbra Magazine.

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