Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Poems by Diane Webster


Weeping willow’s limbs
bow in saddened strands
reaching like a grieving mother
toward the separated leaves
lying lonely and wet on the lawn
glazed over by the passing storm
rumbling farther and farther away
like memories regressing
from now to childbirth.



One moment on mountain road
sparrows fly up and down
in front of the car’s grill
like dolphins leaping
before a ship’s bow
as I, the captain, navigate
wave after wave of washboard road
keeping eye on blue sky horizon.

Diane Webster, like a cat, enjoys gazing out a window to watch squirrels spiral up and down weeping willow branches, to watch sparrows and finches push and shove for the choicest eating spot on the bird feeders while junco ground feeders peck at the spillage, and to watch nothing while she daydreams. Diane's work has appeared in Conceit Magazine, The Rainbow Rose, Calliope and other literary magazines.

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