Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Poem by Agholor Leonard Obiaderi


In the ash-coloured dawn, I
have stared at the sequence of
petals, their ring.
To discover what will stand
erect as a tree trunk or lie flat
as the horizon.

The crimson-cheeked flower
possessed little knowledge of it.

I have gazed at the long road,
its endless hours rolled into
open-ended pouches.

A hope for something I
could hold up to the

I have stood by the roadside,
no sparrows
awaited the hatching of the blue-yellow-reddish
Until my investigation
turned the gloved hand
inward.I dipped into me,

touched something equidistant
between the heart and the mind.
Something that could stand upright.
It was coloured

red by blood but absolutely
stainless. So, I knew I
could never find the shape of my tomorrow,

waitng by the roadside, gazing up at the
stars reading meaning into
floral patterns.

Agholor Leonard Obiaderi lives in Nigeria. He loves poetry and crime novels though he has no criminal friends. He has been featured as poet of the week in Poetry Super-Highway and Wild Violet Literary Magazine. His poems have been published in Storm Cycle Anthology of Kindofahurricane Press.

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