Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Poems by Diane Webster


Snow surrounds this pond
reflecting aspen-leaf survivors
and a sky diagonaled with jet trails
until a duck swims across
causing ripples to mimic heat waves
once prevalent in summer.


Frost startles
the October morning
as much as the flashlight
disturbs the sparrow
once huddled in the bush
now panic fluttering
through leaves and branches
and the walker puffs
triple-heart-rate breaths
vanishing before sunrise.


In the lot snow
parks unticketed
across two spaces
until spring tows
the wreck away
leaving shards
of gravel like glass
littering the scene.

Diane Webster's goal is to remain open to poetry ideas in everyday life or nature or an overheard phrase and to write from her perspective at the moment. Many nights she falls asleep juggling images to fit into a poem. Her work has appeared in "Philadelphia Poets," "Illya's Honey," "River Poets Journal" and other literary magazines.


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