Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Poem by Brandon C. Spalletta

Thinking About Laws

I just brushed the dust
From my journal today, and sat
At the open window to feel
Spring reborn and watch my white dogwood tree
Do its impression of a snowfall,
Despite the scorn from the rose's thorns
At being discarded
Lingering in my fingers.
Quickly, I heard a bird's song,
Spotted the performer atop the dogwood,
And it reminded me of my father
Beaming once about my grandfather's
Legendary skill with the alto sax
When we had heard a similar song,
And I thought of Newton's law
That reads, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed,"
And because the wind was slowly drifting
I thought, as unbidden as Spring
These joyous moments of long dormant peace
Must come from somewhere else,
Where my journal doesn't collect dust, and my study,
A museum exhibit's worth of cobwebs,
Where my grandfather's music
Accompanies a multitude of dogwood petals
On the wind's journey around the cosmos
As energy to fall off the tree outside my window,
A place where hardened roses bloom in winter,
And can never be discarded.

Brandon C. Spalletta is a poet from Herndon, Virginia, and lives with his beautiful wife and best friend, Ashley.  Check out his homepage at www.allpoetry.com/BrandonSpalletta!

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