Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Poem by Heather Gelb

Into the Winter Fog

Following the tracks of gazelle
Imprinted on slices of snow
Alongside rivulets of
Icy water trickling downhill.
Eyes down,
Stepping over thick wads of frozen mud,
Boot crunches small pebbled coated with flakes.
Vibrant yellow flowers poking through
Crisp snow absorb my thoughts
Of winter deer until
A distant whispering rush
Tingles my spirit and lifts my eyes.
Beneath the emerging almond blossoms,
Bounding gazelle vanish into the fog.
I follow,
Leaving behind my own tracks.

Heather Gelb feels most fulfilled leaping from hilltop to hilltop as she writes in her recently published memoir about her journey from Rwanda to Israel:  Her poetry has been published in such diverse works as Poetica Publishing, Deronda Review, Green Panda Press, Pyrokinection and Dead Snakes.

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