Monday, March 7, 2016

A Poem by Kevin McCarthy

What Is And May Be

The ocean has integrity
without me--particulars
dissolve in cyan

Perhaps a craving for
unity makes this so--
in any case, glory
flees as I launch

Body and boat slice
coherence, focus filth,
drain color with too
telling intelligence

Senses and imagination
cannot be sated together,
said Ralph Waldo

Chatty data traps are
the rub--the murder
of the ingenious by
the visceral

So I stop to incubate
the shoreline dream, even
as I devour the organism
devouring me

Yes--puckering brine,
rotting musk, cresting
roar, sweep and drift
are still one, close-to

as promise from beauty

Kevin McCarthy is a Colorado poet, dramatist, essayist, and geologist.  His poetry has appeared in various literary journals, including Neat, Common Ground Review, and Southwestern American Literature.  "Enough Sky" was commended in the Poetry Society's 2014 National Competition (UK)  Please see for funny stories and other info.

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