Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Poem by Fanny Suto


All this wasted sunshine
If I had green cells I could
transform light into food
we could learn a lot
from trees
Also patience
standing in the same place for years
sometimes centuries
While I
can't stay here for more than an hour.
When I say "immortal"
why do you think of vampires
when you should think of trees.

But maybe when they think
nobody is looking
they walk around at night
dancing around the lawn
swaying their long leaf hands.

Fanni Suto writes poetry, short stories and a growing number of novels-in-progress.  She published in English and Hungarian and finds inspiration in reading, paintings and music.  She writes about everything which comes her way or goes bump in the night.  She tries to find the magical in the everyday and likes to spy on the secret life of cities and their inhabitants.  Previous publications include:  The Casket of Fictional Delights, Tincture Journal, Enchanted Conversation, and Fundead Publications.  Website: 

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