Thursday, February 1, 2018

Four Poems from Adam Levon Brown

Nymphs Advocate for Justice on the Stone of Hera

Jeweled-encrusted tombs placate in places of ruins
to be ransacked by the unworthy eyes of wrath

Bliss exudes beatitude in breaths of ease and wealth,
searching for malignance to disembody

Nuanced pragmatism shuttles forth breaking time
with cult-flower memorization in flavors of teal

Pyre-dancing nymphs salivate for hyacinths
of justice, while purloinings manifested in paradise

Makings of granite pride advocate for seasons
of carnation-bled freedom in sounds of pink

Nascent Eyes Ogle Flesh of Pineapple Shrills

Pomegranate flesh eats the scents of foxgloves
while mounting pineapple taste buds in cloves

Dissident mules of aged holly flood channels
into decadent springs which marvel at oceans

Poppies of gray drive away incense in mills
of pebble gateways, growing with fevering nettles

Crimson lust vacates brick-mortar homes
and spirals through trees of brushwood brightness

Hilltop swing-jazz mixed with calls of birds
shrills, overcome nascent eyes ogling silver lore

Acorned squirrels scuttle across myopic tree
branches, reaching for dove-quaked love

Cheetah Runs with Orchid-bloom Resonance

Liquids of steel-shone Orchids bloom wildly
next to oats of harvest-tuned holly.
Breaths of Iris escape the mouths of joy,

bringing swelling lips to taste simplicity
in washing waves of decadent crispness.
Evergreen palace of green and bark seep

into ears of highway-piled motorways
which fly on mossy wings of paradise.
Bottles holding oceans waiting for messages

from moon-tide blessings bring yearning.
Jilting crescent earnings move forward,
bringing ides of monolithic space to cry

heaven into a pool of love-ridden guilt.
Posh undertakings of wood and stone
build new archways in architecture

filled with decency and optimistic sway.
Miles of cheetah-paw walk with human
hand, hoping to find the path to purity.

Heaven and Hell on the River Bed Named Life

Pregnant oleander searches for climbing ivy
in sunset delicacy, pushing away ladders of ghosts

Preening feathers of guilt from the bust of Eagle-tipped
negligence, wild branch soars among hawks of steel

Moray steel monarchic order filets salmon on beds
of rice, only to be captured in talons of perch-fed heron

Jilted clovers gild rivers of isometric compassion
storming mountains with wildflower sonnet escape

Prong-ridden fire escape crawfish wriggle into depths,
hidden beneath high-rock nebulas, hoping for sanity

Hectic highway of water capitulates to the brazen
dust which settles on its floors, purifying heaven from hell

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