Thursday, February 15, 2018

Four Poems by Don Thompson


It's not warm enough to ripen
The year's last, hoped-for figs,
Still green with leaves
Turning brown around them.


Mimosa sunlight in the nut groves
Early on opening day.
Champagne pop of .410 shotguns:
Tonight, drink to the fallen doves.


Autumn's anthem:  Bees
Humming in the Chinese elms.
When there's no more honey to make,
They make music.


Contrarian ghosts haunt us
At noon, seething in the heat.
Malevolence like that
Will keep you awake all night.

Don Thompson has been writing about the San Joaquin Valley for over fifty years, including a dozen or so books and chapbooks.  For more info and links to publishers, visit his website at

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