Monday, March 4, 2013

A Poem by Favour U. Onyeoziri


The early morning rays of light,
Secretly escaped into my four walled
Habitat, and gradually crept until
It was overhanging my face. I rubbed the back of my palm over
My face, shielding it from the menace
Of this insistent intruder.

I rolled on to my side,
Backing the sun and trying to get back to sleep,
But it made a mockery of my flimsy attempt
And unleashed its angry terror on my back
Which lit up in a scorching heat.

I rose up from that mat,
Though not awake
And staggered to a corner at the far walls
Where this unwelcome intruder
Had not yet invaded.
I leaned against the wall and fell back
Into a dis-illusioned rest-sleep.

Favour .u. onyeoziri is a 19-year old Nigerian poet, who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate student of history and education at the university of Lagos. A staunch lover of poetry and prose works, he is greatly influenced by the likes of wole Soyinka, chinua achebe, allen poe, William blake and John Milton. In addition to these, he also owns a blog ( where he publishes his works amongst other things.

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